The Top 5 Biggest Office Lottery Pool Winners

For some, an office lottery pool might sound like a silly way to pass time at work. But for many, playing an office lottery pool has been very profitable.

Could your lottery pool online be a good way to tap into some of the biggest lotto earnings in history? It was for these five office lottery pool winners.

California Work Lottery Pool—$543 million won

Earlier this year, a group of 11 co-workers working in the financial industry in San Francisco won $543 million from their office pool. It was the largest prize won on a single state ticket in California as well. Oddly enough, these co-workers didn’t have a regular office lottery pool, but they decided to chip in for $2 a ticket to potentially win the Mega Millions jackpot. As luck would have it, they won millions!

Canadian Refinery Workers—$46.7 million won 

Another big win, the biggest lottery win in Canadian history, in fact, went to a group of refinery workers. 31 refinery workers won the jackpot after spending three months buying lotto tickets. They throw in $5 per worker to buy a lot of tickets. Considering they each won about $1.5 million, that’s a decent return on investment.

Michigan Co-workers—$1 million won 

Michigan also had its own office lottery pool winners, when two co-workers won $1 million on a Powerball ticket. Their typical goal is to play with co-workers when the jackpot reaches the hundreds of millions, but they decided to throw in for a couple of tickets. The pay off was big, especially considering no one but them decided to jump in.

Tennessee & Kentucky Co-workers—$420.9 million won 

Second only to the lottery pool in California, a Tennessee office lotto pool won over $420 million on a Powerball jackpot. Twenty winners from 13 cities in Tennessee and Kentucky all working at the North American Stamping Group won the massive jackpot. Your office could be among similar winners!

Las Vegas Co-workers—$2 million won 

Another significant lottery pool win took place in Las Vegas when a group of some 22 coworkers working at a Las Vegas construction company won $2 million. The group had pooled their money for more than ten years to play both the Mega Millions and Powerball, and it finally paid off.

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