What is My Lotto Pool?

Hi! I’m David, the founder and lottery pool-fanatic behind My Lotto Pool. This free lotto pool platform makes it easier for family, friends, coworkers, and lucky strangers to come together and win!

On my 18th birthday, I rushed out to a local grocery store and bought my very first $2 Powerball ticket. All my life, I had dreamed about what I could do with millions of dollars and the one-in-a-million chance to win it all. My first ticket didn’t score me millions, but I did win $15, which was an exciting start. Just like you’d expect, I poured my lucky $15 into more tickets and lost it all, but the thrill made it all worth it!

Playing the lottery became a kind of hobby, like a strategy game, and I looked into anything and everything that could give me an edge to win. That’s when I discovered lottery pools! Fast-forward ten years later and suddenly I was ‘the lottery guy’ and everyone’s go-to for a chance to win big. After managing hundreds of lottery pools for friends and coworkers, I realized that everyone else was having more fun than I was. Managing names, collecting money, scanning tickets, dividing winnings, and emailing individual ticket copies took way too much time and energy; it was taking the fun out of the game.

I spent several months searching for a solution, but I couldn’t find anything that was user-friendly and trustworthy. Then, I decided to make it myself! My Lotto Pool simplifies the process, so pool planners can have just as much fun as the other players. The built-in lottery ticket scanner allows you to check tickets and get winning updates from your couch or the office, so you don’t have to drive to the store. Plus, it’s more fun to win in the company of friends and family than with a grumpy convenience store clerk!

To this day, I still love to play the lottery and organize lottery pools. If you love our free site then you’ll also love MyLottoClub, an affordable subscription program that unlocks extra features and helps keep the ugly ads off the site. Every week, I organize two free pools for the first 100 members that join in, just to say thank you!

Whether you choose to take advantage of the free lotto pool services or subscribe to MyLottoClub for extra perks, My Lotto Pool makes it easy to manage and join pools without any planning stress or office drama. Of course, the bigger the pool, the better your chance at winning big, right? As we continue to grow, My Lotto Pool is on track to make the biggest public lottery pool in the world. Join us!